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The present study was undertaken to determine the anti-ulcer potential of Calamintha officinalis Moench, a standardized oil of Calamintha officinalis Moench, commonly known as Calamint. Effect of various doses (0.4ml/kg and 0.8ml/kg,) of Calamintha officinalis Moench. oil was studied on gastric ulcers in pylorus ligation, Diclofenac sodium induced gastric(More)
English-type fresh skinless pork sausages in which 30% of the protein was replaced by unheated chickpea flour or by chickpea flour heated at 80°C for 1 h were evaluated microbiologically. During storage at 0°C, but not 22°C, incorporation of unheated chickpea flour lowered the microbiological quality of the sausages, but incorporation of chickpea flour(More)
The present work deals with development and standardization of phytochemical screening for quantification of ethanolic extract of aerial part of the Luffa echinata Linn. The scientific parameter is necessary to identify the exact plant material and to find its quality and purity. The present study deals with various, physical evaluation and preliminary(More)
Rapid lipid oxidation and metmyoglobin formation in sausages containing up to 30% chickpea flour is due to the presence of lipoxidase in chickpea flour. This enzyme oxidises the unsaturated fats present to peroxides (or related compounds) which then catalyse myoglobin oxidation. Heat treatment of chickpea flour at 80° C for 1 h in water prior to its(More)
Nutritional evaluation of protein quality was carried out on English-type fresh skinless pork sausages in which 30% of the protein had been replaced by chick pea flour. Net protein utilisation, biological value and protein efficiency ratio were unaffected by 30 % meat protein replacement. Comparison of the amino acid composition with the biological values(More)
Mutton, pork and beef sausages were prepared from minced meats which had been frozen and stored up to 52 weeks at -18°C. There was a significant decrease in texture (W-B shear force) of all the sausages with increased age of the meat. However, concomitantly there were no significant differences in the colour, juiciness or shrinkage (cooking loss) of the(More)
Emulsions of refined additive-free lard, egg albumin and water were designed to study the effect of haemoproteins, iron salts and sodium chloride on lipid oxidation. It was found that ferric haematin pigments (metmyoglobin, methaemoglobin and heat denatured myoglobin and haemoglobin) were all catalysts of lipid oxidation whereas the oxy and carboxy(More)
Highly nonlinear dynamics arises from novel serially and antiserially connected memristive switches. Antiserially connected memristors offer a device with built-in spiking neuron behavior. Serially connected memristors offer new functionality of a cascade of sigmoid staircase curves to represent multi-level spike-timing dependent plasticity (STDP). In a(More)
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