Mohini Kumari

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Sonoelastography (SE) is a new USG-based technique that is being used to assess the elasticity and pliability of various tissues and lesions. We evaluated normal and abnormal Achilles tendons and correlated SE findings with those of high-resolution USG. This article briefly discusses the principle and technique of sonoelastography and the variations in(More)
BACKGROUND Serious bacterial infections are a major cause of death in early infancy in developing countries. Inexpensive and accessible interventions that can add to the effect of standard antibiotic treatment could reduce infant mortality. We measured the effect of zinc as an adjunct to antibiotics in infants with probable serious bacterial infection. (More)
INTRODUCTION Serious bacterial infections continue to be an important cause of death and illness among infants in developing countries. Time to recovery could be considered a surrogate marker of severity of the infection. We therefore aimed to identify clinical and laboratory predictors of time to recovery in infants with probable serious bacterial(More)
Background: Magnetic resonance signal intensity of focal liver lesions is affected by numerous pathologic factors. Lesion histologic features, such as cellularity, vascularity, stromal component, and intratumoral necrosis or hemorrhage, strongly affect T1 and T2 relaxation times. Aim: Our study is done to assess the lesion characterization potential of MRI(More)
Computed tomography (CT) enteroclysis is being performed routinely for evaluation of suspected small bowel diseases. The availability of multidetector CT scanners has further increased the diagnostic yield of enteroclysis. There is excellent depiction of small bowel wall pathology on CT enteroclysis especially with use of negative enteric contrast. We(More)
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