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This paper derives two spatio-temporal extensions of the well-known FastICA algorithm of Hyvarinen and Oja that are applicable to the convolutive blind source separation task. Our time-domain algorithms combine multichannel spatio-temporal prewhitening via multistage least-squares linear prediction with novel adaptive procedures that impose paraunitary(More)
MANET consists of a collection of independent mobile nodes connected by wireless links, where they can join or leave the network at any time. Due to infrastructure-less and mobility in nature, secure routing is essential in MANET to transmit packets from source to the destination. There are different types of routing attacks which causes disruption of the(More)
Biomass is an important entity to understand the capacity of an ecosystem to sequester and accumulate carbon over time. The present study, done in collaboration with the Delhi Forest Department, focused on the estimation of growing stock and the woody biomass in the so-called lungs of Delhi--the Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary in northern Aravalli hills.(More)
We present a new spatio-temporal algorithm for speech enhancement using microphone arrays. Our technique uses an iterative method for computing the generalized eigenvectors of the multichannel data as measured from the microphone array. Coefficient adaptation is performed using the spatio-temporal correlation coefficient sequences of the observed data. The(More)
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