Mohieddine Benammar

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UNLABELLED Copper nanowires (CuNWs) with ultrahigh aspect ratio are synthesized with a solution process and spray-coated onto select substrates to fabricate transparent conductive electrodes (TCEs). Different annealing methods are investigated and compared for effectiveness and convenience. The CuNWs are subsequently combined with the conductive polymer(More)
This paper presents a column-parallel continuous-time sigma delta (CTSD) ADC for mega-pixel resolution CMOS image sensor (CIS). The sigma delta modulator is implemented with a 2nd order resistor/capacitor-based loop filter. The first integrator uses a conventional operational transconductance amplifier (OTA), for the concern of a high power noise rejection.(More)
Resolvers are used for both absolute angular and linear position sensing. A robust amplitude to phase converter is described for the determination of position from the sine and cosine output signals of the resolver. The scheme is based on a linearization technique for converting the co-sinusoids into a nearly perfect triangular signal from which the angle(More)
Sinusoidal position transducers provide accurate and reliable representation of the mechanical position of their shafts. The sine/cosine transducers signals may be used in open loop or closed loop arrangements for the determination of position. The present work describes a novel implementation of the classical PLL closed loop method without using VCO, DAC,(More)