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With the tremendous growth of sensitive information on cloud, cloud security is getting more important than even before. The cloud data and services reside in massively scalable data centers and can be accessed everywhere. The growth of the cloud users has unfortunately been accompanied with a growth in malicious activity in the cloud. More and more(More)
Proliferation of heterogeneous network systems and increasing usage of Internet makes network security issue to be more and more important. Intrusion detection systems (IDS) are increasingly a key part of system defense, often operating under a high level of privilege to achieve their purposes. In accordance with the increasing importance of intrusion(More)
Cyber security plays a vital role in data communication in every aspect of information exchange through internet. Data has to be secured from unauthorized users and should be transmitted to the intended receiver with confidentiality and integrity. Cryptography is a technique which provides the security by encrypting and decrypting the data in a secured(More)
Security is often cited as one of the most contentious issues in Cloud computing. It is argued that as the Cloud is intended to handle large amounts of data, attackers can be sure of a high pay-off for their activities.. In addition, to benefit from the Economies of scale, the applications and operating systems are homogenized to a few images restricting(More)
Encryption and watermarking are two primary and complementary technologies for protecting multimedia content. In this paper, we present a hybrid image protection scheme to establish a robust content-based authentication by using novel cryptosystem based on matrix transformation for generation of encryption key and copyright protection by using SVD based(More)
Evaluation of agility has not kept pace with the actual development of evaluation practice in e-government. However, this is not the result of omission; rather it reflects the degree of difficulty inherent in developing appropriate evaluative criteria and metrics. The difficulty is mostly due to the multidimensionality of the concept of agility, the(More)
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