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Heavy metals are bioaccumulated and biotransferred both by natural and anthropogenic sources. The contamination by heavy metals in plants and water is one of the major issues to be faced throughout the world and requires attention because heavy metals above their normal ranges are extremely threatened to both plant and animal life. It was therefore of(More)
In this paper we present a novel method for dominant motion analysis in crowded scenes, based on corner features. Corner features identify characteristic regions in the crowd. In our method, we initialize corner features on the scene, and advect them through optical flow. Approximating the moving corner features to individuals, their interaction forces,(More)
— S hadow detection is critical for robust and reliable video surveillance systems. In the presence of shadow, the performance of the video surveillance system degrades. If objects are merged together due to shadow then tracking and counting cannot be performed accurately. Many shadow detection methods have been developed for indoor and outdoor environments(More)
Electronic voting system provides convenience and access to the electorate without the geographical restrictions. Mobile phone is one of the emerging technologies to perform e-voting with democratic norms and privacy concern. In this paper we suggest a mobile phone voting protocol based on hybrid cryptosystem. Protocol consists of three phases: online(More)
Multi-target tracking is one of the most challenging tasks in computer vision. Several complex techniques have been proposed in the literature to tackle the problem. The main idea of such approaches is to find an optimal set of trajectories within a temporal window. The performance of such approaches are fairly good but their computational complexity is too(More)
Privacy preservation is one of the major issue in digital products. In current era, web search engine has become vital tool for internet users. However, most search engines maintains user profile and analyze them which could compromise privacy. In order to preserve the user privacy from a search engine, many privacy preserving solution have been proposed(More)
In this paper we present a novel method for automatic traffic accident detection, based on Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics (SPH). In our method, a motion flow field is obtained from the video through dense optical flow extraction. Then a thermal diffusion process (TDP) is exploited to turn the motion flow field into a coherent motion field. Approximating(More)
Web Search Engines are the easy source to get data from Internet. WSE retrieve the information from the ocean of data according to the user generated queries. In return the WSE records the queries to build the user profile and retrieves the personalize search results. WSE sells the query log to marketing companies to generate revenue. This poses a threat to(More)
In this paper we present a novel method for crowd behavior identification. In our method, the motion flow field is obtained from the video by computing the dense optical flow. Then, a thermal diffusion process (TDP) is exploited to increase the coherence of the motion flow. Approximating the moving particles to individuals, their interaction forces are(More)
Whenever the illumination from the light source is occluded by an object, shadow will be created in the video sequence. Shadow is a main factor affecting computer vision performance. Sometimes it will provide useful information about objects. However, the reliability of many vision algorithms may be reduced because of this same shadow. Therefore, to improve(More)