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A simple, sensitive and selective spectrophotometric method has been developed for determination of aliphatic primary and secondary amines. It is based on a reaction with excess of p-benzoquinone in ethanol whereby 1:1 (amine:quinone) coloured products are obtained, which have maximum absorption at 510 nm and E(1cm)(1%) in the range 400-650. The effect of(More)
This paper summarizes the results of an ongoing design effort to optimize a compact HF antenna using genetic algorithms. A program was developed to implement the genetic algorithm process and used NEC antenna modeling software to analyze the performance of the designs generated in the process. Although this optimization effort is not yet complete, initial(More)
Inlets are ever-changing environmental features. Rosetta promontory suffers from many environmental problems (e.g. the accumulation of the sediment inside the estuary). This problem causes the clogging of the promontory which lead to a lot of problems such as hindering the navigation process of fishing boats and also results in negative impacts to estuarine(More)
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