Mohd. Zulkifle

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Scientific theories take centuries to come into existence and they keep on evolving. Uncountable intellectual minds work on these theories; some fail to do anything about it; some add a little after tremendous efforts, and some people give remarkable and unforgettable contribution.As far as credit is concerned, the person who is able to prove the theory by(More)
Mizaj (Temperament) is one of the basic concepts ofUnani system of medicine upon which diagnosis and line of treatment of a disease are based. Every human being has been furnished a specific Mizaj through which an individual performs his functions properly. If it is disturbed, body becomes more susceptible to develop such diseases having same temperament as(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Buthūr-i-Labaniyya (Acne vulgaris) is affecting up to 80% of adolescents and many adults at different stages of life. It is one of the commonest skin disorders which appears on cheeks and nose as white eruptions that seems like solidified milk drops. These eruptions are treated by drugs having properties of tajfīf wa taḥlīl(More)
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