Mohd-Zulhilmi Ismadi

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The spinner flask bioreactor has been widely used in in vitro cell culturing processes due to its superiority in providing a homogeneous culture environment compared to traditional culturing methods. However, there is limited understanding of the flow fields in these bioreactors, and optimum culture conditions are yet to be determined. This article presents(More)
We present detailed quantitative measurement analyses for flow in a spinner flask with spinning rates between 20 to 45 RPM, utilizing the optical velocimetry measurement technique of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). A partial section of the impeller was immersed in the working fluid to reduce the shear forces induced on the cells cultured on microcarriers.(More)
We describe a method for measuring three dimensional (3D) velocity fields of a fluid at high speed, by combining a correlation-based approach with in-line holography. While this method utilizes tracer particles contained within the flow, our method does not require the holographic reconstruction of 3D images. The direct flow reconstruction approach(More)
In recent times, the study and use of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) have become important in order to avoid the ethical issues surrounding the use of embryonic stem cells. Therapeutic, industrial and research based use of iPSC requires large quantities of cells generated in vitro. Mammalian cells, including pluripotent stem cells, have been expanded(More)
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