Mohd Zuki Salleh

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This study investigates theoretically the problem of free convection boundary layer flow of nanofluids over a non-linear stretching sheet. The model used for the nanofluid incorporates the effects of buoyancy parameter, the solutal buoyancy parameter and the power law velocity parameter, and found to have strong influence on the system. The resulting(More)
Submitted: May 15, 2013; Accepted: Jun 23, 2013; Published: Jul 22, 2013 Abstract: Stagnation-point flow of a nanofluid over a nonlinear stretching sheet is investigated theoretically when the sheet is stretched with a power law velocity under a constant wall temperature. The governing nonlinear problem incorporates the effects of Brownian motion and(More)
Impacts of gold nanoparticles on MHD Poiseuille flow of nanofluid in a porous medium are studied. Mixed convection is induced due to external pressure gradient and buoyancy force. Additional effects of thermal radiation, chemical reaction and thermal diffusion are also considered. Gold nanoparticles of cylindrical shape are considered in kerosene oil taken(More)
Heat and mass transfer phenomenon in a micropolar fluid is analyzed. The fluid occupies the space over an infinite oscillating vertical plate with Newtonian heating. The plate executes cosine type of oscillations. Exact solutions are obtained using the Laplace transform technique. Expressions for velocity, microrotation, temperature and concentration are(More)
Camera tracking systems have become a common requirement in today’s society. The availability of high quality and inexpensive video cameras and the increasing need for automated video analysis have generated a great deal of interest in numerous fields. Generally, it is not easy to track human behavior in an environment with a large view. This study aims to(More)
This article investigates heat transfer enhancement in free convection flow of Maxwell nanofluids with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) over a vertically static plate with constant wall temperature. Two kinds of CNTs i.e. single walls carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) and multiple walls carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are suspended in four different types of base liquids(More)
In this study, steady two-dimensional flow of a viscoplastic Casson fluid past a stretching surface is considered under the effects of thermal radiation and viscous dissipation. Both suction and injection flows situations are considered. The partial differential governing equations are transformed into ordinary differential equations and solved analytical.(More)
Submitted: Aug 2, 2013; Accepted: Sep 10, 2013; Published: Sep 15, 2013 Abstract: The objective of this work is to analyze the chemical reaction and heat generation or absorption effects on MHD stagnation-point flow of a nanofluid over a porous stretching sheet. The uniform magnetic field strength B is applied in the direction normal to the flow. A highly(More)
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