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In this article, we have proposed a new approach for controlling a two-rigid link robot arm which has been chaotic by applying an external periodic input. The whole system includes a plant, chaos controller and a supervisor. Supervisor chooses suitable external input by using some chaotic criteria such as ldquoLyapunov Exponentrdquo and ldquoBifurcation(More)
In terms of the productions of fruits and vegetables India holds the 2nd rank after China. India lacks of the automatic grading system even though the production of the agricultural products is so high. In India most of the grading of fruits are based on size feature which is done manually. Color and size are the most vital parameters to inspect the quality(More)
This study aim to investigate the data mining task and techniques specifically sequential pattern mining on the outbreak detection in oil and gas pollution area. The sequential pattern mining can be treated as a classification problem if enough data for certain sequence of time is available, as association problem if large number of related attributes are(More)
In this article, two adaptive, energy-based controllers are presented for regulation problem of planar two link flexible manipulator rotating in vertical plane under gravity. The first controller consists of a joint PD controller, an adaptive proportional controller which makes use of link curvature to suppress vibration and gravity compensation term. In(More)
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