Mohd Yazid Abdullah

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Ultra wide band Low Noise Darlington Amplifier for High Frequency application is presented. Based on the MOSFET Switching with inductive feedback techniques and inductive peaking method, this technique exits many resonators with high quality factor at different resonance frequencies, Voltage series feedback consist using feedback element inductor, this(More)
The errors caused in the wireless communication channel are very important to identify and rectify. Viterbi Decoder is very commonly implemented technique among the various error detection and correction (EDAC) techniques. A high data-rate convolutional code suffers from decrease in the performance of bit-error-rate due to inherent drifting error between(More)
Zika virus is an arthropod-borne re-emerging pathogen associated with the global pandemic of 2015-2016. The devastating effect of Zika viral infection is reflected by its neurological manifestations such as microcephaly in newborns. This scenario evoked our interest to uncover the neurotropic localization, multiplication of the virus, and the mechanism of(More)
Galois Field Theory deals with numbers that are binary in nature, have the properties of a mathematical “field,” and are finite in scope. Galois operations comprises of Addition, multiplication and logarithms[1]. Galois Field multipliers have been used for coding theory and for cryptography [9]. Both areas are complex, with similar needs, and both deal with(More)
Having students involved with such service-learning web projects activities parallel my teaching philosophy as "you have to be able to practice what you teach". This session will describe the community outreach service-learning web projects where I have collaborated and coordinated with several local, regional and international non-profit organizations and(More)
Dengue and chikungunya fevers are transmitted by the common mosquito vector Aedes and malaria by Anopheles. Concurrent infections are reported due to co-circulation of these pathogens, especially in endemic regions. We report a rare case of triple infection with 3 arthropod-borne pathogens (Plasmodium vivax and the dengue and chikungunya viruses) in a(More)
Energy in wireless sensor network is a recent topic of research. To organize the network such a way that should minimize energy dissipation and maximize network stability period and network lifetime. In this paper, a distributed, randomized Heterogeneity Aware Clustering Algorithm (HACA) to organize the sensors in a wireless sensor network into clusters has(More)
Arthropod-borne infections like malaria, dengue and chikungunya fever are transmitted by mosquitoes. The present report describes an unusual case of mixed infection with malaria, dengue and chikungunya viruses in a 21 year old male patient from New Delhi, India during monsoon season of 2016. The malarial fever was diagnosed by thin slide microscopy and(More)
Our bodies have been built to move! In our postmodern age we are spending too many hours in sedentary position, especially those hours spent in front of our computers. To counter the effects of this join us for Awakening the Spirit Within. A 60 minute workshop for the practice of breathe work, mindfulness, and a series of 20 minute office stretches.
Reversible rationale is all that much sought after for the future figuring advancements as they are known not low power dissemination having its applications in Low Power CMOS, Quantum Computing, Nanotechnology, and picture preparing. Adders and multipliers are fundamental building blocks in many computational units. In this paper we have presented and(More)