Mohd Tamizi Ali

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Many physical phenomena in static field problems particularly in the electromagnetic field and the incompressible potential flow field are described by elliptic partial differential equations (pdes). Improved techniques using explicit group methods derived from the standard and skewed (rotated) finite difference operators have been developed over the last(More)
Sidelobes cancellation is challenging task in beamforming and beam steering in smart antenna systems. The high level of sidelobes can significantly degrade the system performance as well as antenna power efficiency. In this paper, we present the new decimal genetic algorithm to reduce the sidelobe and at the same time create the nulls toward interferers and(More)
—In this paper, we present a preliminary study of the formulation of two new explicit group relaxation methods for the difference solution of the two dimensional second order hyperbolic telegraph equations. The methods are derived from the standard centred and rotated five-point finite difference discretisations. Their computational complexity analysis is(More)
The convergence rates of the explicit group methods derived from the standard and skewed (rotated) finite difference operators depend on the spectral properties of the coefficient matrices resulted from these group discretization formulas. By applying appropriate preconditioner, we may transform the resulting linear system into another equivalent system(More)
In this paper, the formulation of a new group explicit method with a fourth order accuracy is described in solving the two dimensional Helmholtz equation. The formulation is based on the nine-point fourth order compact finite difference approximation formula. The complexity analysis of the developed scheme is also presented. Several numerical experiments(More)
A proposed fast locking digital phase-locked loop (DPLL) is designed and simulated in this paper. The proposed topology based on converting the difference between the input frequency and the output frequency into a 3-bit code. This code is used to control a programmable charge pump (PCP) output current. As the difference between the two frequencies(More)
Web applications are widely using nowadays. In these web applications, most of those that are based on money transaction like on-line baking, e-shopping, on-line bill payment, Money transfer, etc. The interaction between the web applications and Database is done with Structured Query Language (SQL) and Scripting Language is used. These queries keep(More)
This paper presents the design of a wideband microstrip patch antenna for LTE-A. The bandwidth of the conventional patch is enlarged by using etched slots at the antenna patch. The designed antenna has been fabricated by using thin film and photolithographic technique and has been measured by using the Vector Network Analyzer. The simulated and measured(More)
Collaborative editing environments are usually restrictive to specific data collaboration aspects. To overcome restrictiveness in data collaboration aspects, a flexible framework is proposed. In this thesis a conceptual collaborative editing framework is presented. The first objective is to investigate the feasibility of using operational transformation in(More)
Abstract—In this paper, we present a high order group explicit method in solving the two dimensional Helmholtz equation. The presented method is derived from a nine-point fourth order finite difference approximation formula obtained from a 45-degree rotation of the standard grid which makes it possible for the construction of iterative procedure with(More)
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