Mohd. Suleman Hussain

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A study was carried out on the efficacy of curcumin in reducing the incidence of cholesterol gall-stones (CGS), induced by feeding a lithogenic diet in young male mice. Feeding a lithogenic diet supplemented with 0.5 per cent curcumin for 10 wk reduced the incidence of gall-stone formation to 26 per cent, as compared to 100 per cent incidence in the group(More)
Following our earlier observations that curcumin and capsaicin are antilithogenic in mice and hamsters, attempts were now made to understand the manner in which these spice principles were acting. For this purpose, the hepatic biles of rats fed a control, lithogenic, and lithogenic diet supplemented with curcumin or capsaicin were subjected to gel(More)
In this paper we report the effects of crude venom of Conus musicus on the isolated frog heart preparation and hematological parameters of rats. In the episode of administration of the Conus musicus toxin as 10, 20 μg dose attenuated the contractions of the frog heart in a dose dependent manner indicating the depressant action. When toxin co-administered(More)
Severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) mice have become a promising tool for the development of models of human immunologic process. We report the development of a reproducible technique for engrafting SCID mice with human PBL (hu-PBL-SCID). Our results show that a booster injection of anti-CD3 antibody stimulated human lymphocytes given 2 days after the(More)
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