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While associations between trace elements and heavy metals with prostate cancer are still debatable, they have been considered as risk factors for prostate cancer. Thus, this study aimed to detect any links between selected minerals and heavy metals including Se, Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe with prostate cancer. A case control study was carried out among 100 subjects(More)
Heavy metals, particularly cadmium, lead, and arsenic, constitute a significant potential threat to human health. This study was conducted to determine the levels of cadmium, lead, and arsenic in nail samples from farmers at Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA), Kedah, Malaysia, and evaluate factors that can contribute to their accumulations. A(More)
Contaminant accumulation analysis is important in the study of sentinels. This research determined cadmium accumulation and bioconcentration factors of whole organism, liver, kidney, ovary and testis of Fejervarya limnocharis exposed to different environmental cadmium levels. Frogs from contaminated sites had significantly higher hepatic (1.939 mg/kg),(More)
Amphibians show a variety of reproductive modes and strategies. The cyclicity and continuity of reproduction can often be predicted from the annual gonadosomatic index trends in a species specific manner. This research aims to document the female and male gonadosomatic index profiles and to ascertain the reproductive cyclicity or continuity of Fejervarya(More)
Three new triorganotin dithiocarbamate complexes of the type [(C H ) Sn(S CNR(C H )] (R = CH , 6 5 3 2 6 11 3 C H and i-C H ) have been successfully synthesized. These compounds were characterized by elemental 2 5 3 7 analysis, FT-IR and NMR( C) spectroscopy. A single crystal X-ray analysis of the triphenyltin(IV) N13 cyclohexyl-N-isopropyldithiocarbamate,(More)
Glutathione-S-Transferase (GST) and metallothionein are important biomarker endpoints in studying the effect of Cd exposure. The purpose of this research was to study the correlation between hepatic GST and metallothionein with hepatic Cd in wild Fejervarya limnocharis exposed to environmental Cd. Results showed that frogs from contaminated sites had(More)
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