Mohd Shahir Shamsir

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The structure of a novel psychrophilic β-mannanase enzyme from Glaciozyma antarctica PI12 yeast has been modelled and analysed in detail. To our knowledge, this is the first attempt to model a psychrophilic β-mannanase from yeast. To this end, a 3D structure of the enzyme was first predicted using a threading method because of the low sequence identity(More)
The structure of psychrophilic chitinase (CHI II) from Glaciozyma antarctica PI12 has yet to be studied in detail. Due to its low sequence identity (<30 %), the structural prediction of CHI II is a challenge. A 3D model of CHI II was built by first using a threading approach to search for a suitable template and to generate an optimum target-template(More)
Over the past decade, scheduling in grid computing system has been an active research. However, it is still difficult to find an optimal scheduling algorithm to achieve load balancing. Most of the researchers have focus on schedule-based algorithms such as genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization to solve this problem and us e priority rules(More)
UNLABELLED birgHPC, a bootable Linux Live CD has been developed to create high-performance clusters for bioinformatics and molecular dynamics studies using any Local Area Network (LAN)-networked computers. birgHPC features automated hardware and slots detection as well as provides a simple job submission interface. The latest versions of GROMACS, NAMD,(More)
The metabolic role of 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (gnd) under anaerobic conditions with respect to succinate production in Escherichia coli remained largely unspecified. Herein we report what are to our knowledge the first metabolic gene knockout of gnd to have increased succinic acid production using both glucose and glycerol substrates in E. coli.(More)
Recombinant protein overexpression, an important biotechnological process, is ruled by complex biological rules which are mostly unknown, is in need of an intelligent algorithm so as to avoid resource-intensive lab-based trial and error experiments in order to determine the expression level of the recombinant protein. The purpose of this study is to propose(More)
The cluster-based compound selection is used in the lead identification process of drug discovery and design. Many clustering methods have been used for chemical databases, but there is no clustering method that can obtain the best results under all circumstances. However, little attention has been focused on the use of combination methods for chemical(More)
This paper presents an Improved Differential Evolution (IDE) algorithm to improve the kinetic parameter estimation in simulating the glycolysis pathway and the threonine biosynthesis pathway. Experimentally derived time series kinetic data are noisy and possess many unknown parameters. These characteristics of kinetic data cause lengthy computational time(More)
When analysing a metabolic pathway through mathematical model, it is important that the significant parameters are being correctly estimated. However, this process often comes across problems such as easily being trapped in local minima, repetitive exposure to worse results during the search process, and occurrence of noisy data. Thus, an improved Bee(More)