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This paper presents an intelligent technique for segmentation of off-line cur-sive handwritten words particularly on touching characters problem. In this study, Self Organizing Feature Maps (SOM) is implemented to identify the touching portion of the cursive words. The image of the connected characters is preprocessed and the core-zone is detected to(More)
Problem statement: Many approaches have been proposed in previous such as the classic sequential connected components labeling algorithm which is relies on two subsequent raster-scans of a binary image. This method produced good performance in terms of accuracy, but because of the implementation of the image processing systems now requires faster process of(More)
The most challenging task in developing surface modelling is to make the look of 3D object surface realistic such as a real object. To achieve this objective, three main issues that must be considered are the number of polygon, quality of the surface and time. A smooth surface is a key factor to make realistic look of 3D object in the virtual environment.(More)
Fish is an important source of protein in most countries in the world. The need to know the reproduction and population of fish is crucial for optimum exploitation of fish resources in maintaining the requirement of mankind in the future. In fisheries research, the length of a fish is the main parameter needed to identify fish reproduction, recruitment,(More)
In fishery research, fish length plays a great role to identify population. However, current method can be problematic as the fish should be obtained from the fishermen first. This process may lead to time consuming and cost overflowing. Therefore, a method to measure the length of a fish automatically using image processing and formula optic is greatly(More)
This paper suggests normalization of the tip and base of leaf as both of them incline to one direction which is able to influence data extraction process. The extraction method we used is Centroid Contour Gradient (CCG) which calculates the gradient between pairs of boundary points corresponding to interval angle. CCG had outperformed its competitor which(More)
Digital Terrain Model has been used in many applications especially in Geographical Information System. However with the recent improvement in mobile devices that can support 3 Dimension (3D) content, rendering 3D based terrain on mobile devices is possible. Although mobile devices have improved its capabilities, rendering 3D terrain is tedious due to the(More)
Forming a logical balance between the quality of the file and the scope of data that can be conveyed is the test of steganographic techniques to form such a balance. On top of that, the facts that cannot be covered up are the robustness of the method and security of the vague data. An insertion method which delivers a high level of visual quality and a huge(More)
The goal of this study is to present a concept to identify overlapping rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis-scientific name) leaf boundaries. Basically rubber tree leaves show similarity to each other and they may contain similar information such as color, texture or shape of leaves. In fact rubber tree leaves are naturally in class of palmate leaves, it means(More)