Mohd Salihin Bin Ngadiman

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Web Usage Mining is that area of Web Mining which deals with the extraction of interesting knowledge from logging information produced by Web servers. A challenge in web classification is how to deal with the high dimensionality of the feature space. In this paper we present Independent Component Analysis (ICA) for feature selection and using Rough Fuzzy(More)
Discovering user access patterns from web access log is increasing the importance of information to build up adaptive web server according to the individual user’s behavior. The variety of user behaviors on accessing information also grows, which has a great impact on the network utilization. In this paper, we present a rough set clustering to cluster web(More)
Predicting the next request of a user as visits Web pages has gained importance as Web-based activity increases. A large amount of research has been done on trying to predict correctly the pages a user will request. This task requires the development of models that can predicts a user’s next request to a web server. In this paper, we propose a method for(More)
Immunity against differential cryptanalysis is an important measure in designing symmetric ciphers. Practical security is a measure to evaluate this immunity by estimating the minimum number of differential active s-boxes. A cipher with more sboxes is said to have better immunity against differential cryptanalysis. In this paper, we evaluate the immunity of(More)
This paper proposes a machining performance prediction approach on multiple performances of wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) on Inconel 718. Artificial neural network (ANN) is emphasized to predict the machining performances. Many efforts have been made to model the performances of WEDM using ANN. However, to obtain the best ANN model, generally(More)
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