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Great Musayab projectwas chosen to assess spatial variability of some soil properties,and furthermore,to investigate its implications for sampling design. Two hundred and forty composited soil samples werecollected acrossthe project and thesurrounding areas. Soil properties including electrolytic conductivity (ECe),calcium carbonate (CaCO3), cation exchange(More)
Retrieval of the surface reflectance is important in the remotely sensed data analysis to obtain the atmospheric reflectance or atmospheric correction. The relationship between visible and mid infrared reflectance over land was investigated and developed in this study. The surface reflectances of the two visible bands were measured using a handheld(More)
Traditional air pollution monitoring by using ground based instruments cannot provides air pollution over a large spatial scale. Aerosol over Penang Island was mapped with SPOT satellite image in this study. The objective of this study is to evaluate the relationship between SPOT satellite observation and particulate matter of size less than 2.5 micron(More)
Textural attributes of cooked rice (100 samples) were predicted using pasting properties. Two textural attributes (hardness and stickiness) were evaluated by a texture analyzer and seven pasting-property parameters as well as profile data measured by a rapid visco-analyzer (RVA) were used to evaluate predictive models of the textural attributes using(More)
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