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An experiment was carried out to investigate whether variations in chill water temperature affect muscle shortening and meat quality in duck breast. Three chill water temperatures were applied to duck carcasses at 20 min postmortem for 30 min, including in ice water at 0 degrees C, in cold water at 10 degrees C, and in water at 20 degrees C. Results(More)
Sulfonamide derivatives, such as sulfadiazine (SD) are used as antibiotics and, very recently, anti-amyloid properties of these have been reported. We have evaluated binding of SD with bovine serum albumin (BSA) followed by unfolding of protein. Studies were accomplished at physiological conditions of temperature (37 °C) and pH (7.4), employing UV,(More)
Duck meat sausages were prepared using 10% beef fat (FDS) and 10% hydrated cereal flours including rice (RDS), wheat, corn, millet, and barley to replace fat. Control duck sausages (DS) were also prepared only with duck meat and duck meat plus 10% beef fat. Results showed that protein and fat contents significantly decreased and total expressible fluid(More)
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