Mohd Roshdi Hassan

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Contact pressure in the knee joint is a key element in the mechanisms of knee pain and osteoarthritis. Assessing the contact pressure in tibiofemoral joint is a challenging mechanical problem due to uncertainty in material properties. In this study, a sensitivity analysis of tibiofemoral peak contact pressure to the material properties of the soft tissue(More)
This paper reports on the utilization of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wire as a conductive element in core-sheath friction yarn. The yarns were spun using DREF 3000 spinning machine. The yarn consisted of three layers with the SMA wire at the core and 100% cotton fibers at the second layer and as the sheath producing a yarn called SMA Friction Spun Yarn (SMA(More)
A study of the melt volume flow rate (MVR) and the melt flow rate (MFR) of kenaf fibre (KF) reinforced Floreon (FLO) and magnesium hydroxide (MH) biocomposites under different temperatures (160-180 °C) and weight loadings (2.16, 5, 10 kg) is presented in this paper. FLO has the lowest values of MFR and MVR. The increment of the melt flow properties (MVR and(More)
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