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Hevea brasiliensis is the most widely cultivated species for commercial production of natural rubber (cis-polyisoprene). In this study, 10,040 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) were generated from the latex of the rubber tree, which represents the cytoplasmic content of a single cell type, in order to analyse the latex transcription profile with emphasis on(More)
—Being creative in an educational environment, such as in the university, has many times been downplayed by bureaucracy, human inadequacy and physical hindrance. These factors control, stifle and subsequently condemn this natural phenomenon which is normally exuded by the tertiary community. If taken in a positive light, creativity has always led to many(More)
Bioinformatics is a necessary technology and tool, which current molecular biologists cannot do without in light of the genome data explosion and advent of fields such as genomics and proteomics. Yet, even with this in mind, there is still a limited pool of human resource to support and develop bioinformatics particularly in poorer developing nations. The(More)
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