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This paper elaborates on the novel intelligence assessment method using the brainwave sub-band power ratio features. The study focuses only on the left hemisphere brainwave in its relaxed state. Distinct intelligence quotient groups have been established earlier from the score of the Raven Progressive Matrices. Sub-band power ratios are calculated from(More)
Changes in blood glucose are hypothesized to influence cognitive performance and these changes can be affected by certain nutrients. This double-blind 4-period cross-over study evaluated the effects of a slow-release modified sucrose (isomaltulose) in combination with a high concentration of lactose on cognitive performance of 5-6 year old children. Thirty(More)
Dengue fever (DF) is an acute febrile viral disease frequently presented with headache, bone or joint and muscular pains, and rash. A significant percentage of DF patients develop a more severe form of disease, known as dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF). DHF is the complication of DF. The main pathophysiology of DHF is the development of plasma leakage from(More)
This paper presents a new approach to diagnose and classify early risk in dengue patients using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) and artificial neural network (ANN). A total of 223 healthy subjects and 207 hospitalized dengue patients were prospectively studied. The dengue risk severity criteria was determined and grouped based on three blood(More)
This study investigated the determinants of overweight/obesity in adolescents. A cross-sectional survey was carried out on 1157 adolescents. Weight and height were measured. Information on socio-economic status (SES), dietary intakes, physical activity, and sedentary behaviours were collected by a self-administered questionnaire. Binary and multivariate(More)
Even though the World Health Organization criteria's for classifying the dengue infection have been used for long time, recent studies declare that several difficulties have been faced by the clinicians to apply these criteria. Accordingly, many studies have proposed modified criteria to identify the risk in dengue patients based on statistical analysis(More)