Mohd Najib Mohd Salleh

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The use of gestures as means to convey information is an important part of human communication. The automatic recognition of gestures enriches human-computer interaction by offering a natural and intuitive method of data input. Automated systems for aiding those with impaired hearing have recently been one of the major areas of research. In sign language,(More)
Teaching undergraduates at tertiary level is surely not an easy task what more when your students are engineering undergraduates who need to be competent not only in the content area but the generic skills as well. Surveys suggest that the generic aspect demand equal if not greater emphasis in order to produce competent marketable graduates. However, in(More)
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—Decision tree is one of the most popular and efficient technique in data mining. This technique has been established and well-explored by many researchers. However, some decision tree algorithms may produce a large structure of tree size and it is difficult to understand. Furthermore, misclassification of data often occurs in learning process. Therefore, a(More)
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