Mohd Isa Awang

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The theory of soft set proposed by Molodtsovin 1999[1]is a new method for handling uncertain data and can be defined as a Boolean-valued information system. Ithas been applied to data analysis and decision support systems based on large datasets. In this paper, it is shown that calculated support value can be used to determine missing attribute value of an(More)
Attribute dependency concludes the association between attributes for better accurate decision making. However, the task involved in identifying the relation between categorical values in data set is a complex process. This main focus of this paper is to determine the attribute dependency in a real world application. The proposed method is based on the(More)
Multi-criteria decision analysis, sometimes called multi-criteria decision making, is a discipline aimed at supporting decision makers faced with making numerous and sometimes conflicting evaluations. Multi-criteria decision analysis aims at highlighting these conflicts and providing a compromised solution in a transparent process. This paper introduces the(More)
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