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Metacognitive skills of Malaysian students in non-routine mathematical problem solving
Metacognitive skills play an important role in solving mathematical problems. However, there is a lack of empirical studies on the role of metacognitive skills in solving mathematical problems,Expand
Teaching Speaking Skills Through Group Work Activities: A Case Study In SMK Damai Jaya
Secara umumnya, kajian ini bertujuan mengkaji isu-isu yang melibatkan kemahiran bertutur (speaking skills) di dalam kelas Bahasa Inggeris. Pandangan para pelajar terhadap penglibatan mereka dalamExpand
Novice head teachers’ isolation and loneliness experiences
Most studies in headship focus on the elements of training and head teachers’ capabilities in leading schools. The concept of isolation experienced by head teachers during the early years of theirExpand
Determinants of Mobile Applications Acceptance for English Language Learning in Universiti Utara Malaysia
Article history: Received 1 October 2018 Received in revised form 24 October 2018 Accepted 25 October 2018 Available online 5 December 2018 The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of UUMExpand
Using Grammar Games In Teaching Grammar: A Case Study In SMK Damai Jaya
Kajian ini bertujuan untuk mengkaji kesan penggunaan permainan bahasa dalam proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran tatabahasa Bahasa Inggeris, khususnya dalam penggunaan simple present tense dan simpleExpand
A learning 3d geometry through sketchup make (sppd-sum) to enhance visual spatial skills and the level of geometric thinking
This study aims to develop a 3D Geometry learning strategy through SketchUp Make (SPPD-SUM) and examine the effects of SPPD- SUM on students' visual spatial skills (VSS) and level of Geometry thinking (LGT). Expand
An acoustic analysis of release burst amplitude in the Kelantan Malay singleton/ geminate stop contrast
Abstract This study investigates whether the amplitude of release bursts is a potential cue to the word-initial singleton/geminate contrast in Kelantan Malay (KM). The voiceless stop series (/p-pp/,Expand
Durational Correlates of Word-initial Voiceless Geminate Stops: The Case of Kelantan Malay
This paper investigates the production of wordinitial geminate consonants in Kelantan Malay with a focus on voiceless stops. Expand
Amplitude and F0 as acoustic correlates of Kelantan Malay word-initial geminates
This study examines the degree to which differences in amplitude and F0 can mark the word-initial singleton/geminate contrast in Kelantan Malay (KM). RMS amplitude and F0 values were measured forExpand
Non-routine mathematical problems among in-service and pre-service mathematics teachers
In an effort to inculcate higher order thinking skills (HOTS) among students, the form of mathematical problems given to them should be changed from routine to nonroutine problems. Expand