Mohd Hasan Selamat

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It is widely accepted that sizing or predicting the volumes of various kinds of software deliverable items is one of the first and most dominant aspects of software cost estimating. Most of the cost estimation model or techniques usually assume that software size or structural complexity is the integral factor that influences software development effort.(More)
Function Point (FP) is a software size measure, which includes the standard FP and many different models derived from it. The standard FP method created by Albrecht in 1979 is currently known as the International FP User group (IFPUG) version, which consists of three main parts: The first part is five components, and the second is the complexity weights(More)
In last decade, researchers have often tried to improve the usability, portability, integrity and other aspects of software in order for it to be more users friendly and gain user trust. Several approaches and techniques have been proposed to reduce the negative effects of software size and complexity. Moreover, several software quality models were proposed(More)
Knowledge management system (KMS) is one of the most critical weapon to transform knowledge resources in organization into intellectual capital for competitive advantage. However, learning organizations (LO) still have difficulties in identifying an appropriate KMS architecture framework and KMS technologies for their organizations. There is also no clear(More)
Organization has to evaluate the competencies of their workers to improve organizational productivity. However, this is difficult because organizations have difficulties to capture and retain knowledge especially tacit knowledge of their employees. The study reviewed selected literature on management knowledge and employers competencies. It also reviewed(More)
Without any doubt, Knowledge Management (KM) does offer the way on how to exploit intellectual capitals in business organizations. However, the KM principles can also be implemented in other types of organization such as the Higher Learning Institutions (HLI). One way to exploit KM is by implementing the KM System (KMS). As we all concern, knowledge is(More)