Mohd. Hasan Selamat

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The modelling concept is well accepted in software engineering discipline. Some software models are built either to control the development stages, to measure program quality or to serve as a medium that gives better understanding of the actual software systems. Software process modelling nowadays has reached a level that allow software designs to be(More)
The current way of representing semantics or meaning in a sentence is by using the conceptual graphs. Conceptual graphs define concepts and conceptual relations loosely. This causes ambiguity because a word can be classified as a concept or relation. Ambiguity disrupts the process of recognizing graphs similarity, rendering difficulty to multiple graphs(More)
Semantic web comes out with the vision of making human readable information to be machine processable. Ontology, the core of semantic web, with concept instantiations serves as a domain knowledge base while semantic web query language provides retrieval of that information. In this paper, we presented a system that populates hotel related information in the(More)
Our research project is currently to develop an Automatic Meaning Extraction (AME) System which automatically extracts concepts and their relationships across texts in all domains of knowledge. Concept Relational Tree (CRT) is one of the text analyzer applications used in the AME System to automatically extract concepts and their relationships in a(More)
Metadata extraction from texts is important since it enables search for documents based on the metadata identified. It is impossible to retrieve journal articles without the metadata of documents, which includes information such as author, title, and journal publication details. This paper proposes a new technique to extract metadata of documents, called(More)
Chordal rings are circulant graphs and have deserved significant attention in the last decade. Chordal rings were used to build interconnection networks for distributed and parallel systems. There are many of publications analyzing their networks properties. In this paper, we present the main properties of the latest method of chordal rings called Modified(More)
Problem statement: Overgeneration-and-ranking architecture works well in written language where sentence is the basic unit. However, in spoken language where utterance is the basic unit, the disadvantage becomes critical as spoken language also render intentions, hence short strings may be of equivalent impact. Approach: In classification-and-ranking,(More)
Problem statement: The first component in classification-and-ranking architecture is a Bayesian classifier that classifies user utterances into response classes based on their semantic and pragmatic interpretations. Bayesian networks are sufficient if data is limited to single user input utterance. However, if the classifier is able to collate features from(More)