Mohd. Hafizuddin Mohd. Yusof

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Automatic signature verification is a well-established and an active area of research with numerous applications such as bank check verification, ATM access, etc. This paper proposes a novel approach to the problem of automatic off-line signature verification and forgery detection. The proposed approach is based on fuzzy modeling that employs the(More)
An innovative approach for extracting signatures from bank cheque images and other documents is proposed based on the integration of the crop method with the sliding window technique. The idea is to estimate the approximate area in which the signature lies using the sliding window technique. In this approach, a window of adaptable height and width is moved(More)
Government on-line systems under the e-service project were launched in 2000. The ongoing objectives are to improve internal government office efficiency as service delivery to its citizens. Since its launch ten years ago, the use of this service by the citizens has beens relatively low, especially on the transaction side. Mostly, citizens use e-services(More)
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