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Tourism industry can be claimed as one of the important sectors in the modern Malaysian economic development. It has been identified as second largest foreign exchange earning sector and had strengthen up the performance of Malaysia Gross Domestic Product and trade balance. Numbers of studies have been done in order to attempt the theory that there is a(More)
A mathematical analysis of efficiency optimization for PFM (pulse frequency modulation) mode boost regulator has been presented in this paper. Based on the load demand, input voltage and output voltage a PFM mode booster can operate in single pulse or multi pulse operation. The presented analysis reveals a relationship between operating efficiency and mode(More)
  • NURRAMLAH BINTI, ABU NASIR, +6 authors Bin Mohd Hassin
  • 2014
The objective for this thesis is to develop an intelligent decision support application for diagnosis of breast cancer using Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) algorithm for predict the class of cancer for patients. The number of expertises in the medical domain about the breast cancer is limited. Many patients have to wait too long to get their result from the(More)
The experiment was conducted at the Research Farm of Crop Physiology and Ecology Department, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Dinajpur during 14 August to 7 December, 2008 to study the effect of (different organic and inorganic) fertilizer management on soil properties and yield of five fine rice cultivars viz., Rajshahi swarna,(More)
This paper presents an improved method of highly accurate supply detection by using a bandgap circuit and its implementation in a comparatively inexpensive BiCMOS process. The process is the vanilla N-well complementary metal oxide semiconductor process technology with added deep N-well and P-well layers. The circuit consisting of a simple bandgap core with(More)
This paper represents the configuration of optical tomography sensor by using infrared emitter and phototransistor. The projection geometry of the sensor is based on the combination of two orthogonal and two rectilinear projections arrays. A fixture is designed for holding all emitter-receiver pairs in parallel. Selection of phototransistor is explained so(More)
This paper presents a circuit implementation to fulfill the demand of the non-linear slope compensation to improve stability in a switching peak current mode DC-DC boost converter. The circuit is implemented by regular threshold voltage NMOS and PMOS and standard on-chip pico-Farad range capacitor biased by a PTAT current. Using the quadratic nature of the(More)
A monolithic current mode CMOS DC-DC converter with new control topology and integrated power switches has been developed. System and circuit level implementation have been accomplished for the converter. Afterwards, this converter has been fabricated with a standard 0.5 mum pseudo-CMOS process. Besides having the remarkable features of complete discharge(More)
The details of design methodology of integrated switches for switching converters of a widely-used topology, along with various aspects, have been presented in this paper. Mathematical model has been established to predict the contributions of various parasitic resistances of the topology to its performance. The switch sample has been fabricated with a(More)
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