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This paper proposes a new policy development framework, entitled 'Social Media and Organisation Policy' (SOMEOP) which considers the essential aspects that allow organisations to achieve their intended outcomes when using social media tools, without constricting the flexibility they bring. Through an interpretive content analysis within a media and(More)
Organisational policy development is vital for the effective business operations. Polices are developed and applied to specific areas or applications within the organisation; such that they are sited within an organisational context. Evidence suggests that the development of policies for general employment conditions, (for example, electronic mail usage),(More)
The increasing cost of living nowadays has caused many people to work harder in order to gain more pay. The associated heavier workloads together with tension and pressure often lead to stress-related health problems. People do really deserve a good rest when they come home from their office. As a result, the proposed solution - The Eye 2H is an intelligent(More)
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