Mohd. Gulfam Alam

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In the title triangulo-triruthenium compound, [Ru3(C6H15O3P)(CO)11], each Ru atom has distorted octahedral coordination geometry. The monodentate phosphine ligand is equatorially coordinated to one Ru atom, leaving one equatorial and two axial carbonyl substituents on the Ru atom. Each of the remaining two Ru atoms carries two equatorial and two axial(More)
The asymmetric unit of the title triangulo-triruthenium compound, Ru(3)(CO)(9)(μ-Ph(2)AsCH(2)AsPh(2))(P[OCH(CH(3))(2)](3)) or [Ru(3)(C(25)H(22)As(2))(C(9)H(21)O(3)P)(CO)(9)], contains two mol-ecules of the triangulo-triruthenium complex. The bis-(diphenyl-arsanyl)methane ligand bridges an Ru-Ru bond and the monodentate phosphite ligand binds to the third Ru(More)
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