Mohd Firdaus Abdullah

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This project uses a non-invasive method for measuring the blood glucose concentration levels. By implementing two infrared light with different wavelength; 940nm and 950nm based on the use of light emitting diodes and measure transmittance through solution of distilled water and d-glucose of concentration from 0mg/dL to 200mg/dL by using a 1000nm(More)
This paper deals with the development of a low cost self-sensing Piezeoresistive Microcantilever Biosensor to detect human stress using salivary alpha amylase activity. The salivary alpha amylase enzyme will immobilize on to the Piezeoresistive Microcantilever biosensor to detect activity during the enzyme responses. When the Microcantilever beam deflects(More)
This paper concerns the development and design of filtering and linearization stage of potentiometric transducer to measure human stress level based on salivary amylase activity. The design of this new way approached is implemented using Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS 15.7 software and hardware construction and troubleshooting. From the previous research, it has(More)
Communication is one of human basic necessity. People with disabilities usually use sign language to communicate with others. The study identifies the alphabet letters from the finger spelling based on American Sign Language (ASL) standard. The bending sensors were attached to three fingers of spelling glove where the bending movement of each finger(More)
Previously, many researches had been done on non-invasive using near-infrared sensing. Sia [1] had investigated near-infrared sensing using signal penetrating finger method. However, by using finger penetration, there are no results obtained. He only obtained signal using glucose concentration. Therefore the objectives of this research are to investigate(More)
This paper presents a design for a low cost 2-electrodes conductivity control system for small scale wastewater treatment system, such as that from etching process of printed circuit board. It involves the design of a conductivity sensing probe, its associated control circuitry and an actuation mechanism. The conductivity sensor applies a direct current to(More)
This paper presents a study on electrode for the amperometric detection of human stress based on salivary alpha amylase, emulated with different concentration of glucose, with the flow injection analysis biosensing system. Amperometric detection is an electrochemical voltammetric measurement approach, where the current intensity in a detection cell is(More)
This paper present the particle contamination detection during plasma etching process by using k-nearest neighbor (kNN) and Fuzzy k-nearest neighbor (FkNN). In the process of manufacturing semiconductor devices, detecting particle contamination in process tool is a vital factor for determining for product yield. In situ particle is an accurate and cost(More)
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