Mohd Fatimie Irzaq Khamis

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Gas District Cooling (GDC) plants, designed to be environmentally efficient, require frequent maintenances, in order to avoid corrosions or leakages from the chemical reactions in Steam Absorption Chillers (SACs) of the plant. However, most of the plant experts face difficulty that the positive and the negative effects from the SAC maintenances are not(More)
We present new data on the prevalence and patterning of the maxillary premolar accessory ridge (MxPAR), a common but understudied morphological dental trait that is expressed as a linear elevation extending from the buccal cusp ridge to the medial sulcus of maxillary premolar teeth. A total of 579 sets of dental casts, representing six ethnic groups, were(More)
Gas District Cooling (GDC) provides electricity and chilled water to facilities with relatively low running cost and has the potential to reduce CO2 emission as it can make effective use of wasted energy. However, the present CO2 emission tends to be higher than expected due to the chilled water supply-demand gap. To efficiently manage the gap, this paper(More)
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