Mohd Faizal Mubarak

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Future generation of RFID technology is moving towards integration with other systems. This new technology integration trend creates more benefits to user because potentially many problems could be solved in one integrated system. The integration of RFID with other systems is advantageous to users because it could use its unique contactless communication(More)
The massive deployment of RFID tag to various systems raises some issues regarding security and privacy. RFID system without trust enhancement poses security threat because secret data can be easily revealed to adversary system by due to unverified platform. Numerous works revealed that the unverified RFID platform can be compromised either by malicious(More)
RFID technology is becoming more pervasive and it is moving towards integration with other systems. The wireless communication between RFID reader an d tags provides lots of benefits to users in business and as well as non-business area. However, unprotected data in the wireless communication channel of the RFID system introduced security risks. Even the(More)
Widespread deployment of RFID system across many applications creates a very good impact on users and it also simplifies a lot of business transactions. However, this situation may potentially impose security and privacy threats. We noted that previous RFID protocols provide solutions for security and privacy in silo and they usually focus more on security(More)
RFID technology is considered as an advanced identification system because it can communicate through wireless communication. However, the unprotected wireless communication channel opens up many possibilities of these tags being tracked by illegal reader which violates data privacy. Past works revealed that RFID tags would be the easy target of attacks(More)
RFID technology automates several types of objects identification processes and improves lots of business transactions. Its ability to communicate through wireless networks gives huge advantages in comparison to optical barcode and manual identification systems. Unfortunately, the ability of RFID system to communicate through wireless communication opens up(More)
The pervasiveness of RFID technology raises some issues regarding security and privacy. Untrusted RFID system poses security threat because secret information can be revealed to any adversary platform by unverified applications or components inside the RFID system itself. The unverified applications can be compromised either by any virus or man in the(More)
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