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A collective set of data over five years (2003 to 2007) in Klang River, Selangor were studied in attempt to assess and determine the contributions of sources affecting the water quality. A precise technique of multiple linear regressions (MLR) were prepare as an advance tool for surface water modeling and forecasting. Likewise, principle component analysis(More)
Robotic industry has evolved so much and has been a revolutionary in helping human being to complete certain task. Without the help of industrial robotics to produce car, cellphone or a computer, productions will suffer as time is a very important factor for businesses. Researchers around the world understand this, and there is already an artificial(More)
There are many benefits to improve methods of Euler for solving the initial value problem (IVPs). Among the good is a simple implementation and low-cost computational. However, there are problems of accuracy and instability in the Euler method. Therefore, the main purpose of this research is to discuss the improvement of the Euler method using Non-standard(More)
The increasing rate of PD patient requires more creative approach to assist in the rehabilitation process. Support group such as Malaysian Parkinson Disease Association or MPDA normally carry out activities such as dancing and Tai Chi have limited space to cater to all PD patient at once. Rehabilitation process involves cost including cost for(More)
Three strains ofStreptomyces rimosus were grown on four different media. The one suitable for the production of oxytetracycline byStreptomyces rimosus 12907 was modified by black strap molasses, fodder yeast (40% total protein) and rice bran. The volume of the fermentation medium was scaled up in a 1200-litre fermentor aerated with sterile air obtained from(More)
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementations hold great potential for institutions of higher learning (IHL) despite of many literatures have shown that there are many failures during the implementation process. A further understanding of the proposed implementation framework of ERP system for private IHL in Malaysian environment that leads to(More)
This work explores the application of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to identify user requirement for development of a new computer-aided design (CAD) system given name as Packaging-Computer Aided Design (PackCAD). The paper reviewed literature on QFD, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and Malaysia SMEs Food Packaging. The application of QFD also proposed to(More)
Social Data Analytics represent a new era in the ability of organizations and businesses to tap the potential of the information economy. But this new opportunity comes with hazards and risks as well. Privacy is the major concern among social media users. Protecting their personal information privacy has become a controversial issue among online social(More)
This study examines Kedah River Basin, Kedah, Malaysia, to achieve the objective of identifying and recognizing pollutant sources contributing to the water quality using a large dataset extending over a period of eight years, from the year 1997 to 2006. Principal Component Analysis was applied to simplify and provide a better understanding for the complex(More)
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