Mohd Azmi Ayub

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Calculus is most important subject for science and engineering students but phenomenally it is abstract, difficult and highly boring. Underpinning with in constructivism theories, problem-based learning (PBL) is one of student centred and active learning strategies or approach which can be used to improve students’ interests and often lead to deep level(More)
Gesture based interfaces are widely used in multimedia entertainment due to growing demand of consumer electronics. This research ensures the effective working of infotainment systems in the modern vehicles. The main objective of this research is to design a smart system which works on haptic movements. In the proposed work a smart gesture based audio(More)
Problem-based learning (PBL) as a student centered and active learning strategies can be used to improve students’ motivation, interests and often lead to deep level learning outcomes in calculus to enrich performance. Objectives of this study are to (i) identify students’ level of motivation in learning calculus based on instruction strategies (PBL and(More)
Knowledge sharing is critical element for intellectual discourses. However, knowledge sharing is a demanding task that takes time and effort and requires students to be persistent and willing to interact with each other. Recognizing factors that impact knowledge sharing in learning communities is critical. This paper reviews the current literature on(More)
The purpose of this study is to determine students’ levels of self-regulated learning by adjusting Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ) developed by (Pintrich et al., 1993). This study involved 436 undergraduate students. The validity of instrument used was checked by convergent validity and discriminate validity in Structural Equation(More)
In blended learning, student’s engagement is important in the learning outcomes because it predicts student academic progress and achievement. The low rate of student’s engagement in Learning Management System (LMS) is a very important issue and there is a need to examine the factors affecting it. The Self Regulating Engagement or self regulated learning(More)
In recent years, the use of Learning Management System (LMS) in higher education has dramatically increased. However, many students use LMS for limited purposes such as downloading course materials. There are many factors that may affect LMS utilization by students. In the present study three factors, namely Internet experience, subjective norm, and(More)