Mohd Amin Shah

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The CYP1A1 category of enzymes plays a central role in the metabolic activation of major tobacco carcinogens. Several polymorphisms within the CYP1A1 locus have been identified and have been shown to be associated with lung cancer risk, particularly in Asian populations. Here we focused on the influence of three polymorphisms on lung cancer in ethnic(More)
The enzyme encoded by the MGMT gene is involved in the repair of alkylated lesions formed in DNA by carcinogenic nitrosamines. Since dietary items consumed by the Kashmiri population contain high concentrations of these agents, it is biologically plausible that MGMT polymorphic variants may be associated with their risk of esophageal cancer. The present(More)
Connexin 43 is an important gap junction protein in vertebrates and is known for its tumor suppressive properties. Cx43 is abundantly expressed in the human intestinal epithelial cells and muscularis mucosae. To explore the role of Cx43 in the genesis of human colon cancer, we performed the expression analysis of Cx43 in 80 cases of histopathologically(More)
Context: MGMT, is a DNA repair protein involved in removing the mutagenic and cytotoxic adducts from O6-guanine in DNA, which otherwise can lead to the mutation, primarily due to the tendency of O6-methylguanine to pair with thymine during replication, resulting in the conversion of GC to AT pairs, if left unrepaired due to epigenetic silencing of its(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of our investigation was to detect mutation or genetic polymorphisms in MGMT gene of esophageal cancer patients from Kashmir Valley (India). METHODOLOGY The genetic polymorphisms or mutations in the coding exons 2, 3, 4 and 5 of MGMT gene were searched for in DNA samples from the frozen tumor tissues of 30 esophageal cancer patients(More)
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