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1. Pyridostigmine labelled with carbon-14 in the methyl group of the quaternary nitrogen has been used to investigate the excretion and metabolism of the drug after administration of single doses (500 mug) to the rat by stomach tube.2. Pyridostigmine is slowly excreted in the urine; the maximum excretion occurs between 1-3 hr after administration. In 24 hr(More)
1. Carbon-14 labelled 3-hydroxyphenyltrimethylammonium (3-OH PTMA), an active metabolite of neostigmine, has been given to rats by intramuscular injection and its excretion, distribution and metabolism have been studied.2. A method is described for the separation and estimation of free and conjugated 3-OH PTMA in urine and liver.3. In the first hour, about(More)
Mrs. H., Bengalee Christian, aged about 40 years, had intramuscular injections of quinine in the gluteal region given by some doctor at Chittagong about 14 years ago. Fever gradually disappeared after these and the patient has been in good health ever since, except for other minor ailments. Some time after the injections she says she felt two small lumps in(More)
over the growth was very thick and adherent. Th>' growth was almost stony hard in consistency, slightly moveable over the deeper structures. The glands in the axilla were palpable and hard 111 character. Provisional Diagnosis.?Scirrhus cancer of the breastOperation.?Under chloroform, complete amputati?n of the breast with the portion of the pectoralis(More)
orange, hard, ovoid, and the skin over it was adherent; there was no fluctuation. On the front and upper part of the growth there was a circular area about f inch in diameter over which the skin had ulcerated and a fungating mass was protruding from the opening in the skin and discharging foul pus. The duration of the growth was about ten months; ulceration(More)
Ahmad, aged 35 years, resident 15 "c Gujrat, Punjab, admitted with enormous swelling of the right foot running up to the ank e join riddled with numerous sinuses discharging pro fuse offensive pus containing typical mycetoma granules. Duration 12 years, scraped at various hospitals with no lasting improvement. General condition at the time of admission to(More)
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