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Globalization and its Impact on Education and Culture
In the history of Islam, the fall of Baghdad in 1258 indicates the decline of the Islamic empires. The fall of the empires also marked the fall of the Islamic civilization and intellectualism. As theExpand
The philosophy behind the fasting in Ramadhan
The concept of ibadah in Islam
Iqbal’s ego philosophy and its importance in awakening man’s religiosity
History reveals the fact that the coming of modernity and secularism has allured modern man towards a materialistic concept of life at the expense of neglecting his spiritual needs and role as theExpand
Globalization and the Muslim World
History indicates that before the coming of modern globalization, the Muslims had their own version of globalization. During the Muslim era of globalization which coincides with the Golden Age of theExpand
Iqbal’s ideas on man and personality
Among all creations in the heaven and earth, only man has been bestowed with many distinctive qualities. As the recipient of these distinctive qualities from Allah the Almighty, man is placed on theExpand
Iqbal's love for the prophet & the Muslim ummah
'Free' children from the cyberworld
Childhood is a stage where children express ideas, are curious, have fantasies and engage in exciting activities. As they pass through this stage once in a lifetime, parents, teachers and societyExpand
The significance of Badr