Mohave Clark

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Seamounts are habitats of considerable interest in terms of conservation and biodiversity, and in terms of fisheries for bentho-pelagic and pelagic species. Twenty datasets on seamounts and bathymetry from different sources and scales (from individual cruise to worldwide satellite data) have been gathered to compile a detailed list of seamount features for(More)
The behavioural state of an organism consists of an array of constituent behaviours or responses which may be altered differentially as the behavioural state of an animal changes (Kupferman et al. 1991). The medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinalis , exhibits a long cycle in feeding behaviour (Dickinson and Lent, 1984). When they have not fed for some months,(More)
A letter counting task was presented on a Macintosh computer screen using two different versions of 24 point Times Roman print. One version, called "grainy," had 12 matrix units per font height and the other, called "smooth," had 24. A mixed group of low vision subjects and a normally sighted group had speed and accuracy measured as they performed the test(More)
Fluid flow modeling in continuous casting tundish is a normal procedure when designing or modifying a tundish. Both physical and mathematical modeling are used for this task, but mathematical modeling is becoming more popular because of advances in computer hardware and software development and because the effect of natural convection is difficult to take(More)
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