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Molecular identification of microalgal species is vital and involves sequencing of specific markers present in the genome, which are unique to a genus. PCR is a vital tool for identification of microalgae; the preparation of template DNA for PCR by traditional methods requires large amount of algal cells and a time-consuming process. One simple way to(More)
Chlorpyrifos (CP) is the most commonly used pesticide throughout the world. Its widespread use in agriculture and its potential toxicity to humans from ingestion of CP contaminated food have raised concerns about its risk to health. Human intestinal microflora has the ability to degrade pesticides, but the exact mechanisms involved and the metabolite(More)
A rapid, cost effective method of metagenomic DNA extraction from soil is a useful tool for environmental microbiology. The present work describes an improved method of DNA extraction namely "powdered glass method" from diverse soils. The method involves the use of sterile glass powder for cell lysis followed by addition of 1% powdered activated charcoal(More)
The NAC gene family encodes plant-specific transcription factors which play diverse roles in abiotic stress responses of plants. NAC TFs reported to be involved in the regulatory pathway of multiple abiotic stresses. In the present study, a salt stress-inducible NAC gene, named MuNAC4 (Macrotyloma uniflorum NAC4) from horsegram was isolated, cloned,(More)
Drought is the most crucial environmental factor that limits productivity of many crop plants. Exploring novel genes and gene combinations is of primary importance in plant drought tolerance research. Stress tolerant genotypes/species are known to express novel stress responsive genes with unique functional significance. Hence, identification and(More)
Arthrospira species, under the name ‘Spirulina’, are used as food supplement for its protein, vitamins, and minerals which have several health benefits. Cyanobacterial toxins including microcystins can possibly contaminate these dietary supplements causing hepatotoxicity, tumour formation, and other disorders. The safe use of dietary supplements(More)
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