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On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems
On automating Web services discovery
This paper proposes a novel matchmaking algorithm that takes as input a service request Q and an ontology $\mathcal{T}$ of services and finds a set of services called a “best cover” of Q whose descriptions contain as much common information with Q as possible and as little extra information with respect toQ as possible. Expand
Seeded region growing: an extensive and comparative study
This work designs an automatic SRG algorithm, along with a boundary-oriented parallel pixel labeling technique and an automatic seed selection method, and a seed tracking algorithm is proposed for automatic moving object extraction. Expand
Request Rewriting-Based Web Service Discovery
This work studies the reasoning problem associated with such a matching process and proposes an algorithm derived from hypergraphs theory that enables to select the combinations of Web services that best match a given request Q and effectively computes the extra information with respect to Q. Expand
Emergent Semantics Principles and Issues
This paper represents an effort to summarize the conditions under which this revolution would take place as well as an attempt to underline its main properties, limitations and possible applications. Expand
A hierarchical access control model for video database systems
A novel approach to support multilevel access control in video databases by combining a video database indexing mechanism with a hierarchical organization of visual concepts, and presents an innovative access control model which is able to support flexible multileVEL access control to video elements. Expand
Towards semantic-driven, flexible and scalable framework for peering and querying e-catalog communities
A flexible and user-centric query matching algorithm that exploits both community descriptions and peer relationships to find e-catalogs that best match a user query is proposed. Expand
A Database Approach for Modeling and Querying Video Data
This paper develops a data model and a rule-based query language for video content-based indexing and retrieval designed around the object and constraint paradigms. Expand