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Mandibular molars demonstrate considerable variations with respect to number of roots and root canals. The possibility of additional root canals should be considered even in teeth with a low frequency of abnormal root canal anatomy. This paper discusses the endodontic management of the rare anatomical complexity middle mesial canals in mandibular first(More)
BACKGROUND Incorporation of antibacterial agents frequently results in changes in the physical properties of restorative materials. MATERIALS AND METHODS This in-vitro study investigated the antibacterial and physical properties of Glass ionomer cement (GIC) with chlorhexidine and cetrimide, to determine the optimal concentration, for incorporation of(More)
PURPOSE To compare the in vitro fracture resistance of endodontically treated molars with mesio-occluso-distal (MOD) cavities restored with two different types of fibers. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty extracted human mandibular first molars were selected for the study and randomly assigned to six groups (n = 10). Group 1 served as the control. In groups 2(More)
This case report presents the endodontic management of an anatomically variant palatal root with 2 canals (Vertucci type II) in a maxillary first molar, which was confirmed with the help of spiral computed tomography (SCT). This serves to remind clinicians that such anatomic variations should be taken into account during the endodontic treatment of(More)
Trial Design: Observational study Methods Inclusion criteria: All In-patients who were treated with AEDs admitted in different units of Medicine Department. Exclusion Criteria: All pregnant women who are on AEDs. Sample size: 35 Objective: The chief objective behind this project was to observe the various therapy of AED used in epilepsy and in some(More)
Diabetes is caused by high blood sugar concentration in the body. It causes damage to the internal organs of the diabetic patients which can be controlled through insulin injection. Various infusion systems like insulin pen and insulin pump have been proposed to inject the insulin by continuous monitoring of blood glucose level. But the size of those(More)
The dynamic concept of the root canal system, which describes a variable morphology of the multiple root canals which are inter-connected by anastomoses, has been established as the prevailing state in the mandibular molars. The aim of this case report was to describe the unusual root canal anatomy that was detected in the mandibular first molar during the(More)
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