Mohanarani Suhadev

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OBJECTIVES To investigate the factors associated with delay in 1) care-seeking (patient delay), and 2) diagnosis by health providers (health system delay), among smear-positive tuberculosis patients, before large-scale DOTS implementation in South India. METHODS New smear-positive patients were interviewed using a structured questionnaire. RESULTS Among(More)
RATIONALE The outcome of fully intermittent thrice-weekly antituberculosis treatment of various durations in HIV-associated tuberculosis is unclear. OBJECTIVES To compare the efficacy of an intermittent 6-month regimen (Reg6M: 2EHRZ(3)/4HR(3) [ethambutol, 1,200 mg; isoniazid, 600 mg; rifampicin, 450 or 600 mg depending on body weight <60 or > or =60 kg;(More)
Focus group discussions were conducted to assess factors that might impact participation of subgroups in Chennai for future HIV vaccine trials. The participants were 112 men and women representing the following: (1) transport workers; (2) clients who attended a sexually transmitted disease clinic; (3) injection drug users; (4) men having sex with men; (5)(More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol Use Disorders (AUDs) among tuberculosis (TB) patients are associated with nonadherence and poor treatment outcomes. Studies from Tuberculosis Research Centre (TRC), Chennai have reported that alcoholism has been one of the major reasons for default and mortality in under the DOTS programme in South India. Hence, it is planned to conduct a(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES In India, phase-I human clinical trials for a preventive HIV vaccine are being conducted at Pune and Chennai Centres. In order to find out the willingness of populations at risk to participate in future preventive HIV vaccine trials (HIVVTs) and to assess the factors that enhance or deter them from participation, a study was(More)
BACKGROUND The negative influences of alcohol on TB management with regard to delays in seeking care as well as non compliance for treatment has been well documented. This study is part of a larger study on the prevalence of AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder) among TB patients which revealed that almost a quarter of TB patients who consumed alcohol could be(More)
Abstract Successful conduct of any HIV vaccine trial (HIVVT) requires a high level of preparedness in the community. A cross-sectional study was conducted in Tamilnadu, India among 501 participants from six different risk groups to investigate their willingness to participate (WTP) in future preventive HIVVTs and to explore their knowledge and attitude(More)
This study examines the acceptability of condoms to men from Chennai, South India. A sample of 150 male respondents who, in the main, had at least one risky sexual experience with a commercial sex worker or multiple partners was interviewed. The respondents included HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals at sexually transmitted disease clinics, college(More)
Most studies have described the outcome of HIV status disclosure rather than the process of disclosure. Hence, a study was conducted among 201 women who accompanied their spouses and children to 3 hospitals at Chennai and Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India, during January to June 2007. Majority of the respondents were sero-positive (69%) and marriage was the only(More)
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