Mohan Yogeswaran

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A machine loading problem in flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is discussed with bicriterion objectives of minimizing system unbalance and maximizing system throughput in the occurrence of technological constraints such as available machining time and tool slots. An efficient evolutionary algorithm by hybridizing the genetic algorithm (GA) and simulated(More)
Swarm robotics is a new approach to the coordination of multi-robot systems which consist of large numbers of relatively simple robots which takes its inspiration from social insects. The most remarkable characteristic of swarm robots are the ability to work cooperatively to achieve a common goal. In this paper, classification of existing researches,(More)
A multi-objective integrated scheduling of machines and material handling equipment in an automated manufacturing system is addressed in this paper. The FMS environment is modeled with the incorporation of six multioperational machines and two automated guided vehicles (AGVs). An ant colony optimization (ACO) is proposed to optimize a multi-objective(More)
The main focus of this paper is to study and develop an efficient learning policy to address the exploration vs. exploitation dilemma in a multi-objective foraging task in swarm robotics domain. An efficient learning policy called FIFO-list is proposed to tackle the above mentioned problem. The proposed FIFO-list is a model-based learning policy which can(More)
Surface roughness is a variable often used to describe the quality of ground surfaces as well as to evaluate the competitiveness of the overall grinding system. The subject of this paper is a grinding process performed on P20 tool steel by changing the grinding conditions, including the depth of cut, the grinding passes, the type of wheel, and the cutting(More)
Q-learning is a machine learning technique that learns what to do and how to map states to actions to maximize rewards. Q-learning has been applied to various tasks such as foraging, soccer and prey-pursuing robots. In this paper, a simple foraging task has been considered to study the influences of the policies reported in the open literatures. A mobile(More)
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