Mohan V. Nibhanupudi

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The Bulk-Synchronous Parallel (BSP) model is a universal abstraction of parallel computation that can be used to design portable parallel software. Advances in processor architecture and network communication enable clusters of workstations to be used as parallel computers. This paper focuses on using the idle computing power of a network of workstations to(More)
Several computing environments including wide area networks and nondedicated networks of workstations are characterized by frequent unavail-ability of the participating machines. Parallel computations, with interdepen-dencies among their component processes, can not make progress if some of the participating machines become unavailable during the(More)
Computationally intensive applications with frequent communication and synchronization require careful design for eecient execution on networks of workstations. We describe a Bulk-Synchronous Processing (BSP) model implementation of a plasma simulation and use of BSP analysis techniques for tuning the program for arbitrary architectures. In addition, we(More)
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