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In this paper we study the complex representations of arbitrary finite monoids M. Let 9 be an irreducible character of a maximal subgroup (or Schiitzenberger group) of M. Related to the Schiitzenberger representations of M, we construct left and right induced characters 9~ and 9~ of the unit group G of M. We show that the sum of suitable intertwining(More)
This paper concerns the monoid Hecke algebras H introduced by Louis Solomon. We determine explicitly the unities of the orbit algebras associated with the two-sided action of the Weyl group W. We use this to: 1. find a description of the irreducible representations of H, 2. find an explicit isomorphism between H and the monoid algebra of the Renner monoid(More)
The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of computer-assisted instruction compared to the traditional instruction of a classroom teacher in mathematics. The results of the study are based a series of tests administered to two classes of Algebra I students. The test scores are used to analyze the achievement each class demonstrated through(More)
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