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Cationic liposomes have long been used as non-viral vectors for small interfering RNA (siRNA) delivery but are associated with high toxicity, less transfection efficiency, and in vivo instability. In this investigation, we have developed siRNA targeted to RRM1 that is responsible for development of resistance to gemcitabine in cancer cells. Effect of(More)
A procedure for the purification of guanine deaminase inhibitor from human brain mitochondria is described. The inhibitor was enriched about 150-fold with recoveries of over 65%. It is nondialyzable, insoluble in water, and stable for over 30 days at -16 degrees C. However, the protein is completely inactivated at 50 degrees C in 5 min. The purified protein(More)
The aim of present investigation was to effectively deliver ribonucleotide reductase subunit 1 (RRM1) targeted siRNA and assess chemo-sensitization of lung cancer cells against Gemcitabine hydrochloride. It was hypothesised that effective and selective delivery of RRM1 siRNA will help in the treatment of lung cancer chemotherapy using Gemcitabine(More)
The presence of an inhibitor of guanine deaminase in the 'heavy' mito-chondrial fractions of rat brain homogenates has been reported. The results of the present study, using brain homogenates from normal infants who died between ages 1-6 months, low birth weight infants who were brain damaged and died between ages 2 days-4 months and premature (7-8 months(More)
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