Mohan Patro

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Oncolytic viruses are live, replication-competent viruses that replicate selectively in tumor cells leading to the destruction of the tumor cells. Tumor-selective replicating viruses offer appealing advantages over conventional cancer therapy and are promising a new approach for the treatment of human cancer. The development of virotherapeutics is based on(More)
Lipid and surfactant based formulations are exclusively used for poorly aqueous soluble drugs. Lipid based formulations (LBF) include solid, liquid and semi-solid dispersion. These are generally formulated as self emulsifying, non-emulsifying, micro emulsifying drug delivery systems. Lipid excipients are generally obtained from natural sources also can be(More)
Most of the dental surgeries require preoperative anesthetic and postoperative analgesic for painless procedures. A multidrug transmucosal drug delivery system loaded with lignocaine (Lig) base for immediate release and solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) of diclofenac (Dic) diethylamine for prolonged release was developed. SLNs were prepared by solvent(More)
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