Mohan P. Pradhan

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Area of classifying satellite imagery has become a challenging task in current era where there is tremendous growth in settlement i.e. construction of buildings, roads, bridges, dam etc. This paper suggests an improvised k-means and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) classifier for land-cover mapping of Eastern Himalayan state Sikkim. The improvised k-means(More)
Topographic maps contain information related to roads, contours, landmarks, land covers and rivers etc. For any Remote sensing and GIS based project, creating a database using digitization techniques is a tedious and time consuming process especially for contour tracing. Contour line is very important information that these maps provide. They are mainly(More)
Texture describes the surface characteristics object such as plants, skins, terrains etc. This paper is based on the comparative study on various approaches to identify the gray scale texture of an unknown object from a set of texture of a known object available in the database. We have focused on three approaches of comparing the input gray scale texture(More)
We present an experimental analysis of two parameters that are important in knowledge engineering for large belief networks. We conducted the experiments on a network derived from the Internist-1 medical knowledge base. In this network, a generalization of the noisy-OR gate is used to model causal independence for the multivalued variables, and leak(More)
Contour line extraction from a topographical map is an integral part of Geographical Information System. Traditional technique for contour line extraction include manual digitization, this is a time consuming, tedious and a costly process. In addition the effectiveness of the result highly relies on the ability and skill of the researcher responsible for(More)
Rapid and unplanned industrialization along the low lying regions of East Sikkim has marked an irreversible adverse impact on the ecological, hydrological and geographical attributes. Urban sprawling leading to escalated encroachment is one of the prime factors contributing extensively to the changes environmental attributes are subjected to. It is(More)
Perception and expectation of citizens is an important factor in urban planning, settlement and management. Hence, there is a need of a participatory citizen centric planning of urban settlement based on spatial data. These perception and expectation may be represented in terms of emotions. Determining Urban Emotions is an approach which can be used to map(More)
Pattern Matching is useful for recognizing character in a digital image. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is one such technique which reads character from a digital image and recognizes them. Line segmentation is initially used for identifying character in an image and later refined by morphological operations like binarization, erosion, thinning etc.(More)
Gupta, A. , Kumar, S. ,Gupta, R. , Chaudhury, S. and Joshi, S. D. , Enhancement of Old Manuscript Images, Proc. of ICDAR, Vol. 2, 744 – 748 pp. , 2007. Hamamoto, Y. , Uchimura, S. , Watanabe, M. , Yasuda, T. , Mitani, Y. , and Tomita, S. , A Gabor filter-based method for recognizing handwritten numerals, Pattern Recognition, Vol. 31, No. 4, 395-400 pp. ,(More)